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What is a temporary tattoo

What is a temporary tattoo?

What is a temporary tattoo? The first thing that comes to mind when you say temporary tattoo is Indian henna. The henna is a powder of the genus Kinagia, which can be described as a large shrub or small tree about 2.60 meters tall, and is prepared by drying and grinding the leaves of this plant. This powder is believed...

What is Surrealist Tattoo?

What is Surrealist Tattoo?

Surrealist Tattoo Current What is Surrealist Tattoo? Surrealism has been in our lives since 1924. Although it is translated as üc surrealism Kelime as the word, it is the projection of the truth mentioned in human. At the same time, it was based on the first dadaists who opposed the concepts of meaning and order established in society. Combining consciousness...


What is Biomechanical Tattoo?

The best shoulder tattoo models that always maintain their popularity among men’s tattoos. What is Biomechanical Tattoo? Shoulders are one of the most beautiful and attractive places for tattoos in men. Especially if you have a muscular and wide shoulder, the charm of tattoos in this region is increasing. The shoulders offer a beautiful and wide area for tattooing, so...