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Minimal Tattoo

What is Minimal Tattoo?

What is Minimal Tattoo? It is usually the choice of those who want to express themselves without attracting too much attention. Minimalist tattoos are quite simply and often colorless. It can also be found in very small sizes all over the body. It can contain simple and geometric symbols. However, it may not be as easy to implement. What are...

What is Chicano Style Tattoo

What is Chicano Style Tattoo?

What is Chicano Style Tattoo? Chicano is a term used for Mexican-Americans. This tattoo style, which is generally preferred by people in prisons, has designs that symbolize the longing for Mexican revolution, Christianity and freedom. It is usually applied with black ink and is colorless. This tattoo style, which carries the traces of ghetto culture, differs from other tattoo types...

What is Japanese Style Tattoo

What is Japanese Style Tattoo?

What is Japanese Style Tattoo? It is a type of tattoo that frequently hosts the mythological elements of that region which we are used to see in Far Eastern culture. Dragons, beaten and attacked heroes, mythological creatures, as well as blood details can make this style a bit scary. Claudia De Sabe, Christopher Henriksen and Sergey Buslaev are the main...