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Realistic Tattoo

What is Realistic Tattoo?

What is Realistic Tattoo? The history of classical realism dates back to Renaissance works. Since then, it is possible to see that it has affected the field of tattooing. Realistic tattoos are popular nowadays, but a really good tattoo artist should do it! Otherwise, the details of your tattoo may be of poor quality and may not achieve the desired...

Watercolor Tattoo

What is Watercolor Tattoo?

What is Watercolor Tattoo? Watercolor tattoos, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, require the use of the human body as a canvas. Although it may seem easy to apply on the canvas, this situation can be quite difficult when it comes to the skin. It is a relatively difficult type of tattoo for tattoo artists. Of course, this...

What is Tribal Tattoo

What is Tribal Tattoo?

What is Tribal Tattoo? As the name suggests, it is the oldest known tattoo type. These tattoos, which symbolize the belonging of people in the tribal life in the ancient times to the community they are in, may be very different from each other, but they can be collected under a style. Almost all of them are made entirely in...