Font Tattoo

What is Font Tattoo?

What is Font Tattoo? The meaningful font tattoos you will need to print are special to you. So you should be able to express you and have meaningful beautiful verbal tattoos that you can carry for life. Translated articles on the Internet are often not healthy, and the meaningful good word tattoos you want to print can end with frustration....

Mandala Tattoo

What is Mandala Tattoo?

What is Mandala Tattoo? Mandala refers to the circle of life, that is, eternity. Emphasizes the integrity of the universe and the individual. Mandala tattoo means that the symbols of mandala art are carried to tattoos. How to make mandala tattoo? • The tattoo artist first picks up the feathers in the area to be treated. • Then disinfect the...

Tribal Tattoo

What is Tribal Tattoo?

What is Tribal Tattoo? Tribal tattoos, tribal tattoos, date back thousands of years. When you look at tribal tattoos, they all look similar patterns, but they all have a unique design. Tribal tattoos often include detailed patterns and are made with black color. What is Tribal Tattoo?Please send us the posts you want removed. Contact

Realistic Tattoo

What is Realistic Tattoo?

What is Realistic Tattoo? The history of classical realism dates back to Renaissance works. Since then, it is possible to see that it has affected the field of tattooing. Realistic tattoos are popular nowadays, but a really good tattoo artist should do it! Otherwise, the details of your tattoo may be of poor quality and may not achieve the desired...

Watercolor Tattoo

What is Watercolor Tattoo?

What is Watercolor Tattoo? Watercolor tattoos, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, require the use of the human body as a canvas. Although it may seem easy to apply on the canvas, this situation can be quite difficult when it comes to the skin. It is a relatively difficult type of tattoo for tattoo artists. Of course, this...

What is Tribal Tattoo

What is Tribal Tattoo?

What is Tribal Tattoo? As the name suggests, it is the oldest known tattoo type. These tattoos, which symbolize the belonging of people in the tribal life in the ancient times to the community they are in, may be very different from each other, but they can be collected under a style. Almost all of them are made entirely in...

Minimal Tattoo

What is Minimal Tattoo?

What is Minimal Tattoo? It is usually the choice of those who want to express themselves without attracting too much attention. Minimalist tattoos are quite simply and often colorless. It can also be found in very small sizes all over the body. It can contain simple and geometric symbols. However, it may not be as easy to implement. What are...

What is Chicano Style Tattoo

What is Chicano Style Tattoo?

What is Chicano Style Tattoo? Chicano is a term used for Mexican-Americans. This tattoo style, which is generally preferred by people in prisons, has designs that symbolize the longing for Mexican revolution, Christianity and freedom. It is usually applied with black ink and is colorless. This tattoo style, which carries the traces of ghetto culture, differs from other tattoo types...

What is Japanese Style Tattoo

What is Japanese Style Tattoo?

What is Japanese Style Tattoo? It is a type of tattoo that frequently hosts the mythological elements of that region which we are used to see in Far Eastern culture. Dragons, beaten and attacked heroes, mythological creatures, as well as blood details can make this style a bit scary. Claudia De Sabe, Christopher Henriksen and Sergey Buslaev are the main...

What is a temporary tattoo

What is a temporary tattoo?

What is a temporary tattoo? The first thing that comes to mind when you say temporary tattoo is Indian henna. The henna is a powder of the genus Kinagia, which can be described as a large shrub or small tree about 2.60 meters tall, and is prepared by drying and grinding the leaves of this plant. This powder is believed...

What is Surrealist Tattoo?

What is Surrealist Tattoo?

Surrealist Tattoo Current What is Surrealist Tattoo? Surrealism has been in our lives since 1924. Although it is translated as üc surrealism Kelime as the word, it is the projection of the truth mentioned in human. At the same time, it was based on the first dadaists who opposed the concepts of meaning and order established in society. Combining consciousness...


What is Biomechanical Tattoo?

The best shoulder tattoo models that always maintain their popularity among men’s tattoos. What is Biomechanical Tattoo? Shoulders are one of the most beautiful and attractive places for tattoos in men. Especially if you have a muscular and wide shoulder, the charm of tattoos in this region is increasing. The shoulders offer a beautiful and wide area for tattooing, so...

Tattoo 1098

I want to have a tattoo with a quantity that represents somet #number #represents #somet Source by maisiewidi Please send us the posts you want removed. Contact

Tattoo 1096

“Vertrauen Sie dem Prozess” // minimalistisches Tattoo von ##tattoo #minimalistisches #prozess #vertrauen Source by obiesstanto Please send us the posts you want removed. Contact